Whenever you do not feel at home,
Take off your shoes and enter the Heart.
Remember – you are.

“A feeling of affinity came over me when reading Mason’s poetry for the first time and to see his enlightening words of poetry together with my paintings was an inspiration that now is a book. Sometimes the written word can bring out yet another dimension of a painting, and the other way around. It is our hope this can serve as a source of enlightenment, inspiration, and joy.” – Benny H.V. Andersson


It is a gift to have worked with painter Benny H.V. Andersson on Bless: A Book of Visionary Art and Reverent Poetry. I will always remember this saying of his: “The greatest form of art is the way that you live your life.”

Benny’s paintings are visions of grace, duality and the Creational Force. His art is a reminder that there exist realms of perception deep within the human heart, mind and soul where connection and creativity flourish.

The first time I saw one of Benny’s paintings, I felt a calling to pursue a book together. I thank Heaven I listened—and that Benny heard the call as well. I am excited to share what we have created. – Mason Adams

On Poetry

Poetry is a whisper from the heart sneaking past the defenses of our tongues.

The keys that unlock our hearts are hidden everywhere and in plain sight. They’re in the song you heard that transported you to a magical place. They’re in the painting you saw that widened your eyes. And they’re in the book you read that sparked a profound change in your life.

Once the heart has been unlocked, it will start to sing. And I listen and pray when that song is in flight.


In 2015, I self-published two books of poetry: A Message from the Soul and The Green Book of Love while working at jobs I did not enjoy. They were ways to release emotional tension, and now they have become sacrosanct.

I pulled those books from the market to discover myself as an artist and to figure out what this calling truly means–at least in part.

Now that I have had time to learn and grow, I feel ready to share my poetry.

For better or worse,
Criticism or acclaim,
This is my Father’s art–
Expressed through me.
I shall not forget.
And I will sing its song
With a reverent heart.